• A full service mobile veterinary clinic capable of performing all-stage wellness exams, dental services, vaccinations, screening and diagnostic bloodwork, fecal analysis, routine and interventive surgeries, microchipping, in-home euthanasia and providing full pharmacy access.
  • Ideal for multiple pet households, working families, geriatric pets, those wanting to avoid nosocomial infections in a waiting room.

This truly may be one of the most difficult pieces I have ever had to write. Before reading it, please know how much I respect and (truly) admire so many of you..

These past two and a half years have been an unforgettable time in which I felt that I was able to unfailingly serve those in the Crawford and Lawrence County communities in a way that I could have never done in a traditional clinic facility. I realize that while the mobile practice held several limitations (no radiography, boarding or hospitalization), it allowed me to function on an even more personal level with many for which I am most grateful. Those that deserve an even deeper THANK YOU are those that had enough faith in me to allow me to continue to serve them as I transitioned from the Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville, where I had been able to function as their veterinarian the six years prior to starting the Wabash Valley Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

It is difficult for me to imagine living and working anywhere else than the town I have lived in and loved since my youth. Because I have been offered a position that would continue to advance my professional career and provide some much needed support from veterinary colleagues, with a heavy heart, after much contemplation and many prayers, I must formally announce the closing of the Wabash Valley Mobile Veterinary Clinic as of December 10th, 2015. While no further walk-up clinics nor house calls will be performed after this time, I will be available to satisfy any last minute medicine refills and record mailings until December 24th, at which time I will have to complete the final migration to my new position (and the mobile veterinary truck’s new home) in Oregon. Please know that I pursued several avenues and made various attempts (without success) to attract another veterinarian that I would entrust the care of your pets to. I would have been willing to part ways with the truck knowing that such a worthwhile service could continue in the area.

It is understood that this may be a difficult transition for many and I feel for the uneasiness this may cause as you must realign your source of veterinary care. Many will be receiving packets containing records in the coming days. Please take heed of any medicine refills needed as we move into the holidays and this monumental transition. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support.

Kind regards,

Melissa A. Adams, D.V.M.